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About the Master Artist:

Dan Cumpata

"What you are is what you leave behind!"

Dan Cumpata, considered by some one of the world's greatest living artists, was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1959 and at a very young age showed a remarkable talent for drawing and had a thriving passion for art. Dan attended the Octav Bancila Art School at age 11. Than he finished his education at the famous Iasi Art School. The year 1977 brought acclaim for Dan's first prestigious show. He had numerous art shows all over Europe including Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Italy and France. In 1987 he moved to US and today he's working out of his studio next to Washington DC. He had numerous art shows around the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Carmel, Chicago, Hollywood and New York. In 1991 he was elected member of the Hollywood Arts Council. Dan Cumpata expresses himself using a broad spectrum of media including graphite pencil, charcoal and acrylic. However he is best known for oil paintings, pushing the boundaries and achieving a unique vibrancy unequalled by many other oil artists. His breathtaking scenes of landscapes and seascapes are intensely focused creations that capture the subtle qualities of sunlight, moonlight, shadows and shades of color. He has been featured in numerous TV shows and publications, from Time to ArtNet Magazine. His work is part of the prestigious permanent art collections of the Vatican Museum of Fine Arts, Romanian National Museum of Fine Arts, State Senate, and many more. His masterpieces can be found in prestigious galleries and important private collections throughout the world. But wherever they are "Dan's own huge and luminous landscapes dominate the collection..." Kevin Moriarty - Executive Director of the Washington Arts Council